GDA air export service

GDA aviation export is a cost-effective express service that helps you send your urgent consignment from door to door worldwide. Due to our own system accurate parcel information is available. Our extensive network guarantees competitive transit time and delivery fees for our partners, whether it is a document or sample and goods consignment.

GDA road export service

The GDA road export service was especially established to deliver not time-sensitive packets sent to EU member states. Your consignment will safely arrive at the farthest point of the Union in 2-6 workdays.

GDA air import service

If you need to bring your parcels from abroad regularly, this service is the easiest way for you. All you have to do is give us the details of your foreign partner, and we will do the recording, import customs clearance, and finally delivery as well. Since we know when the package arrives exactly, we can prepare the documents for customs clearance in advance and, when it arrives, we just have to send it to the customs office.

GDA road import service

GDA road import is an intra-EU road haulage collector service. It is recommended especially to deliver not time-sensitive parcels. You can order it via email, if you give the sender's and the recipient's details, we will deliver the package door to door. At this service the sender can only be a company

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