About Us


On July 1, 2009 GDA Hungary Ltd. took over the representation of the international courier service of GDA, which has been presented in Hungary since 1 September 2004. So it is also possible for you to send important express mails to more than 240 countries in the world with the help of our company.

What is GDA?

GDA (Global Distribution Alliance), a federation of 40 logistics and transporter companies, owned by Aramex, the most prominent transporter company of the Middle East. The total annual revenue of the group exceeds 7.5 billion US dollars. Secure delivery of packages is supported by more than 12,000 offices, 60,000 employees and 33,000 vehicles worldwide.

How can GDA help you?

  • We ship your parcels door-to-door to more than 240 countries including Iraq, Iran and Libya.
  • All stages can be tracked on the Internet, where you can check the status of your package with one click.
  • All parcels are monitored until delivery, so we can immediately inform our customers about any problem that may arise.
  • We strive to provide our customers with customized prices, so that they can use our service as economically as possible.
  • Permanent contact persons who are available every workday between 08:30 and 19:00.